Thursday, March 17, 2011

WCET Annual Conference ~ October 26-29 ~ Denver, CO

Deadline for submissions: March 25, 2011

Session Selection Criteria

WCET conference sessions are recognized for bringing together diverse perspectives and ideas and for being forward-thinking. Attendees find the program valuable because the sessions provide actionable information addressing issues facing higher education today and balanced with presentations by thought leaders that challenge the e-learning community to look forward to new issues on the horizon. Interactive group discussions invite ideas and sharing by all which creates a valuable opportunity for networking. The diverse session formats, ideas, and presenters are what makes the conference distinctive and a worthwhile investment for attendees.

A Community Forum is available for finding co-presenters and for idea exchanges.

The Program Committee looks for sessions that may include:
Actionable information- practical applications an attendee can bring back to their institution.
Sessions that include multiple perspectives. Examples include panels with speakers from different roles within an institution, panelists with varying viewpoints, proprietary and non-profit institution panelists, or perhaps a session with a course designer, faculty member, and a student.
Sessions that address a genuine challenge.
Problem-solving discussions around a timely topic such as federal policy implications, managing online education, adopting ADA standards, etc.
Sharing of expertise such as research based findings, innovative uses of technology, emerging strategies, or demonstrated outcomes.

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