Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ELI 2008 Annual Meeting— January 28–30, 2008 San Antonio, Texas -- Call for Proposals

ELI 2008 Annual Meeting—Call for Proposals

Connecting and Reflecting: Preparing Learners for Life 2.0
January 28–30, 2008 San Antonio, Texas
Join us at the ELI 2008 Annual Meeting for a challenging exploration of how we can prepare our students for work, life, and global citizenship in a world of constant change and information overload. At the meeting, "Connecting and Reflecting: Preparing Learners for Life 2.0," January 28–30 in San Antonio, Texas, we will consider:

Educational approaches that best prepare students for Life 2.0.
The unique capabilities IT offers to help our institutions ensure learners are successful.
The use of authentic learning environments to help students connect with information, faculty, each other, and professional communities.
Ways to demonstrate the value of reflection not only for learning but also for tackling real-world problems, fostering values, developing skills, and reaching professional goals.
Henry Jenkins, Belle Wheelan, and Robert Young will join us as keynote speakers, offering their unique, visionary perspectives on these issues. And, in the ELI tradition, the meeting will be a setting for interactive, hands-on learning and networking, with a variety of presentations, discussions, and workshops.

You are invited to be among those who give shape to this exciting discussion—submit a presentation proposal by September 17.

Submit you proposal.
Review suggested topics and proposal guidelines.
Read about the presentation formats.

ELI members, please note that ELI has discontinued complimentary member event registrations to allow us to lower the annual membership fee and ensure that you pay only for events you attend, at a special discounted rate (learn more).

Present as a Team
We welcome proposals for team presentations that address topics from multiple perspectives. Such presentations could, for example, discuss various roles within an institution or synthesize the experiences of multiple institutions.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Internet2 Member Meeting - October 8-11, San Diego, CA

Fall 2007 Internet2 Member Meeting
Town and Country Resort and Convention Center
San Diego, CA
October 8-11, 2007

Listed below are links to a variety of Calls for participation for the Fall 2007 Internet2 Member Meeting. Please carefully review the information and requirements for each Call prior to submitting a proposal or response.

Call for Track Session Proposals
Call for Side Meetings
Call for Posters
Call for Demos
Call for Sponsors


Call for Track Session Proposals
This October, the advanced networking community will gather for the 22nd time since Internet2 was launched, to share the many exciting developments in advanced technologies for research and education worldwide. Last fall we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our advanced networking community by holding our meeting in Chicago, where Internet2 was started in 1996. For 2007, we move our fall meeting to California, giving us the opportunity to showcase some of the advanced networking initiatives of our west coast partners. Hosted by University of California, San Diego—Internet2’s fall meeting will enable our member community to gather in person and to share progress and plans, as well as showcase ground-breaking applications and collaborations.

The Member Meeting Program Committee is now accepting proposals for concurrent track sessions at the Fall 2007 Internet2 Member Meeting, which will be held at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center San Diego, CA in San Diego, California, October 8-11.

Full explanations and examples of related topics, as well as the submission form, are provided in the Call for Proposals web page.

Submission deadline: July 31, 2007
Notification by August 15, 2007


Call for Posters
Poster sessions are an intentionally low-tech forum for the exchange of information and ideas about collaborations, projects and works-in-progress. The posters convey stories through the use of graphs, diagrams, pictures, data, and narrative text displayed on 2 foam core poster boards (each approx. 30" x 40"). The posters are on display near the meeting registration area continuously throughout the 3-day meeting; participants informally discuss their presentations with meeting attendees during the staffed hours for poster sessions. In addition, poster presenters are invited to display their posters in the hotel ballroom during the Monday evening Welcome Reception.

All categories of Internet2 membership—University, Corporate, Affiliate, R&E Network members and International MOU partners—are welcome to submit proposals for poster sessions. Each poster submission must contain:

Institution or organization name
Brief abstract
Contact name and email address
Space is limited; posters will be considered on the basis of the following criteria:

Degree of anticipated interaction and information sharing with meeting attendees; relevance of the discussion to advancing their work
Impact of advanced networking and advanced applications, with an emphasis on things that are not possible or reasonable to do with the commodity Internet
Demonstration of the value of Internet2 to its members and how advanced networking technologies further the mission of research, teaching and learning
Submission deadline is July 31, 2007

Please review all details and submit the online form.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Innovate: Special Issue on the Future of Education

Submissions for this special issue may address, but are not limited to, these key issues:

1. What does the "rise of the amateur" in media, music, and news industries suggest for education providers of the future?

2. What is the role of universities and colleges when the world's information is at the fingertips of learners, without the mediation of experts? Or when experts make those resources freely available through MIT's OpenCourseWare or Open university's OpenLearn?

3. Is a copyright system designed to protect physical objects; books, magazines, and journals—capable of serving the digital knowledge needs of the next generation?

4. How can technological tools be used by developed countries to assist emerging countries in educating their people?

5. How should governance and leadership be structured in educational institutions facing exponential change?

6. Are existing research agendas and methodologies capable of answering the knowledge needs of the next generation?

7. Do our existing theories of learning reflect how digital natives learn in the information age?

If you would like to submit a manuscript on this topic, please send it to the guest editor of this issue, George Siemans ( and to me ( no later than October 15, 2007.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Symposium on Creativity in Second Life - August 12-18, "in world" Second Life

Proposals for Breakout Sessions for the Symposium on Creativity in Second Life, the first in a series of conferences and events exploring virtual worlds of all kinds, are being solicited through Friday, July 20, 2007. This live online event will be held August 12-18, 2007, entirely in the virtual world of Second Life.

The symposium is planned for a global audience, and as such, breakout and other conference events will be scheduled at a variety of times, including times friendly to North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Submit your proposal now!

Proposals for breakout sessions are encouraged in any of the following areas, but this list is not exhaustive and selections will not be limited to these categories:

Creative tools — Using educational tools and techniques especially suited to virtual worlds
Creative teaching — blurring the lines between teacher and student
Photography — using the in-world photo tools
Fashion — jewelry, and clothing design
Sculpture and modeling — the organic side of building in SL
Architectural building — the technical side of building in SL
Avatars — design and animation
Scripting — how to make objects interactive and responsive
Machinima — the art of video within Second Life
Be creative! Add your own category! …
Breakout Sessions will be 90 minutes long and are intended to make full use of the interactive features of Second Life. Hands-on activities and audience involvement are strongly encouraged.

Presenters whose proposals are selected will receive a complimentary registration to the conference.