Monday, January 10, 2011

Blackboard World July 12 – 15 in Las Vegas

Call for Presentations

The most rewarding moments at Blackboard Users' Conferences come from the presentations made by Blackboard clients. The 2011 BbWorld, Developers Conference, and Pre-Conference programs will feature sessions led by Blackboard clients from all over the country. BbWorld, Developers Conference, and Pre-Conference programs are great opportunities to connect with peers and share best practices, as well as gain insight and training from the Blackboard staff.

Reasons to Present

Receive discounted registration fee
Share your best practices with peers
Influence and enhance teaching and learning at other institutions
Shape eLearning around the world

Call for Presentations GuidelinesBbWorld presentations will take place July 12 – 15 in Las Vegas, Nevada; Developers Conference sessions will take place July 11 – 12.

The content of submissions should relate to the use of Blackboard technologies to solve challenges on and off campus. The following session formats will be accepted:

BbWorld Standard Session (55-minutes): Presentations given by one or more speakers/institutions on a topic of interest or case study with time for questions and answers.

BbWorld Panel Discussion (55-minutes): Consists of multiple speakers (maximum 4), each offering a perspective on an issue or set of issues, with time for questions and answers.

BbWorld Mini Session (20-minutes): Either present one mini session for 20 minutes or 2 pecha kucha sessions (exactly 20 slides displayed for 20 seconds each, that's it - say what you need to say in six minutes and 40 seconds).

BbWorld Poster Session: Posters are a combination of pictures and text arranged in an aesthetic manner for easy viewing and for conveying information. All posters will be 'presented' during the Welcome Reception in the Exhibit Hall.

DevCon Standard Session (45-minutes): Presentations given by one or more speakers/institutions on a topic of interest or case study with time for questions and answers.

DevCon Double Session (90-minutes): Double sessions are just like standard sessions, but more time is available to get into more detailed and technical topics.

Proposals may be submitted by individuals or by groups of presenters (maxium 4).
Proposals where speakers are drawn from more than one institution are encouraged.

Note: Depending on what sessions are submitted and the schedule, we may ask you to present in a different format than originally proposed.

Presenter Expectations

The number of presenters can range from 1-4, with 4 being the maximum number per session.
All co-presenters must actively participate in the presentation.
Presenters from different institutions are encouraged to present together.
Presentations must reflect the description given when originally proposed.
All accepted presenters must register to attend the conference by May 13, 2011 and will be eligible for a $200 discount off of the regular registration fee. Note that presenters are only eligible for ONE discount.
Presenters are responsible for securing and paying for travel and lodging.
Selection Process

The Client Program Committee will review all submitted proposals and presentations will be selected based on the following criteria:

Do you believe this session would be of high value to attendees?
Does this proposal address a 'hot topic' at institutions today?
Would you recommend this session to a colleague?


Friday, January 21, 2011: Final deadline to submit proposals.

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