Tuesday, October 19, 2010

USDLA 2011 - St. Louis - May 1-4, 2011

Distance Learning Leading the Way

May 1-4, 2011
The Hilton at the Ball Park, St. Louis, MO

Submission Deadline: December 17, 2010

The United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) is pleased to announce the 2011 Annual Conference Call for Proposals. The proposals are now being accepted based on the conference theme, "Distance Learning Leading the Way." We invite your proposals and participation in this exciting and important event. There is also a unique opportunity this year to present your session in our virtual classroom setting, which means your session will be viewed by face-to-face attendees as well as those attendees joining us virtually. You will be able to note an interest in the call for proposal link below.

There are several ways to participate;
· Concurrent information sessions provide an opportunity for you to give an interactive presentation in one or more of the conference topic areas. Conference attendees expect sessions to provide practical advice and the sharing of experiences. The committee seeks high quality, thought-provoking and interactive sessions not lecture format. Co-presenters are encouraged.
· Poster sessions allow presenters to prepare a standing table-top poster that describes a project, process, research or other activity. During the reception before the Awards Dinner on Tuesday evening, conference participants will visit with poster session presenters for information, dialogue and networking.
· Small panels are also encouraged, particularly those that address a conference topic from several points of view.

We recommend that proposals be specific about what will make your presentation valuable to attendees. Any proposal that is perceived to be a "sales pitch" will not be considered. Your proposal should be focused on innovative issues, working solutions and should address the conference theme. All presenters are expected to register for the full conference.

Conference Tracks
You are invited to submit proposals that address any of the conference topics outlined below. Please remember to incorporate the overall conference theme when possible.

Track 1: Leading Distance Learning in the 21st Century
Track 1 focuses on the role that distance education should play in strategic initiatives while also addressing issues related to management and administration challenges. The support of internal and external stakeholders should be examined. These sessions should highlight diverse, emerging and efficient strategies, including their global use in corporate, educational, healthcare, government and military organizations. For example, using distance education as it relates to: maximizing resources, developing policies, standards, strategic planning, communication alternatives, distance learning administrative requirements, etc.

Track 2: Research and Evaluation Processes
Track 2 focuses on sharing the latest research and validated innovations that are coming out of corporate, education, healthcare, government and military entities as it relates to distance learning. These presentations showcase the theoretical, methodological, empirical, or quality assurance aspects of distance learning and the use of technology to enhance distance learning.

Track 3: Professional Development
Track 3 focuses on the efficient development, training, technology and delivery opportunities available to distance learning professionals to obtain expertise in their field. Speakers should focus their presentation on the following types of questions: How does your organization train your instructors to become distance learning facilitators? What types of professional development opportunities are available to support instructors once they have begun training? How do you introduce, support and sustain 21st century skills to our future leaders in distance learning? How are distance learning technologies (online, videoconferencing, synchronous/asynchronous, etc.) utilized to deliver professional development?

Track 4: Best and Promising Practices in Distance Teaching and Learning
Track 4 focuses on validated practices and procedures, including globally, being used throughout K-12, Higher Education (private & public), military, healthcare, government and corporate training/education entities, giving special attention to various approaches to teaching students. This should look at best practices and practical techniques that instructors of all areas can implement within their teaching and training.

Track 5: Technology: Changes and Challenges
Track 5 promotes the exchange of information among trainers/educators throughout K-12, Higher Education (private & public), military, healthcare, government, and corporate entities that explores technology in advancing the practices and procedures of distance learning.

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