Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy ~ Virginia Tech ~ February 3-4, 2011

Call for Proposals
All proposals must be submitted electronically using the Research/Practice Proposal Template or the Poster Proposal Template. Please follow the guidelines for the content construction of the three types of proposals: Research Sessions, Practice Sessions and Poster Sessions.

Call for Proposals
Due Date: Thursday, October 7, 2010


Session Types

Concurrent Sessions: Concurrent sessions provide the presenter with the opportunity to engage participants in either the research or practice of the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Research Sessions: Research sessions are designed to inform participants of the design, implementation and results of empirical research focused on teaching and learning in higher education. More details »

Practice Sessions: Practice sessions are focused on sharing, modeling and discussing higher education teaching and learning, while allowing for interaction among session participants. More details »

Poster Sessions: Poster sessions provide the contributor with the opportunity to present and discuss scholarly research and/or practice addressing higher education pedagogy with conference participants in an informal scholarly environment. More details »

Please Note: There will be a limited number of Concurrent Sessions, thus some authors who submit for a Concurrent Session may be asked to present as a Poster Session instead.

Potential Topics
Session topics may address a wide range of elements related to higher education pedagogy and the investigation, understanding and improvement of higher education teaching and learning. Session topics may be focused on a specific domain (e.g., English, Business, Engineering) or may be interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary or multidisciplinary.

Assessing Student Learning
Employing Innovative Pedagogy
Teaching for Individual Differences
Implementing Effective Strategies
Designing Effective Instruction
Integrating Technology Effectively
Creating Domain Specific Pedagogy (e.g., English, chemistry, engineering, history, art, wildlife science)
Funding and Publishing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Submit a Proposal
Proposals for either Concurrent Sessions or Poster Sessions must be submitted online.

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