Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blackboard Greenhouse Exemplary Course Program

Exemplary Course
The Blackboard and WebCT Exemplary Course Projects have been integrated, improved, and expanded, and the new name is the Blackboard Greenhouse Exemplary Course Program.
The Greenhouse Exemplary Course Program provides incentives and resources for faculty to use e-Learning technology effectively. The program is designed for faculty members and those supporting them, who develop technologically rich and pedagogically sound courses. We are building on the success of both Blackboard and WebCT's Exemplary Course Programs to create a new and improved program with more incentives and award categories.

Greenhouse Grant for Virtual Worlds
NEW: We have created a special Greenhouse Program™ grant, The Greenhouse Grant for Virtual Worlds, to foster greater educational innovation with virtual worlds such as Active Worlds, There and Second Life. Blackboard is funding a single $25,000 (USD) grant for initiatives that promote the integration of virtual worlds into teaching and learning. We seek initiatives that will:

  • Enhance the student experience
  • Leverage existing teaching and learning strategies and best practices
  • Integrate virtual worlds and Blackboard Enterprise Software through Blackboard Building Blocks™ and Blackboard PowerLinks™
  • Make results/output available to the Blackboard client community

Greenhouse Grant
At Blackboard our mission is to enable educational innovations everywhere by connecting people and technology. One way we seek to foster such connections is through the Greenhouse Grant. These $25,000 grants are designed to help build a collective body of knowledge, and reward clients (including former WebCT clients) who have successfully developed and deployed initiatives that promote best practices in the adoption of Internet technology in the educational environment.

Exemplary Campus Services
Formerly called the Campus Services Pioneer Award, the Exemplary Campus Services Awards are designed to recognize and reward (with $5,000) members of the Blackboard Community who show innovative use of the Blackboard Commerce SuiteTM.
Winners of the Exemplary Campus Services Award are judged on the following criteria:

  • Vision: the degree to which the pioneer applicant presents a vision for enabling a network transaction environment
  • Relevance: the pioneering activity’s relevance and usefulness to the greater campus transaction community
  • Innovation: the degree of innovativeness of the pioneering activity
  • Transformation: the pioneering activity’s ability to transform the delivery and/or operation of campus services
  • Integration: the degree to which the pioneering activity has integrated traditionally disparate transaction solutions.

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