Saturday, March 3, 2007

Second Call for Papers - Virtual Reality in Distance Education

This second Call for Papers is for a theme issue of the International Journal of Social Sciences (IJSS) ( entitled Virtual Reality in Distance Education. The projected publication date is October 2007 (Volume 1, N. 4). The Guest Editor is Gulsun Kurubacak, Ed.D. (

International Journal of Social Sciences (IJSS) is a scholarly open access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, quarterly and fully refereed journal focusing on theories, methods and applications in social sciences. This open access, peer-reviewed journal encourages top-flight social science inquiry and research across all social science disciplines. It also recognizes contributions made by the social science research community to other disciplines, including biological and physical sciences, and promotes connections between all research communities. Welcome are submissions on Virtual Reality communications, pedagogies, technologies, and managements. The aim of this Special Issue is to add to the body of literature and encourage discussions and promote the exchange of ideas and information on Virtual Reality in Distance Education. Our intent is to stimulate critical debate and research, and add to the theoretical foundation used to underline Virtual Reality research, approaches, principles, and applications. Improvements in Virtual Reality have powerful impressions on digital society; therefore concentration will also be paid to communicational, educational, organizational, psychological and also sociological aspects. All submissions will be peer reviewed. Those submissions accepted for publication will be published in the International Journal of Social Sciences (IJSS).

DEADLINES: * Submission Proposals: March 30, 2007* Notification of Acceptance: April 15, 2007 * Papers Due: May 31, 2007 * Peer Reviews Returned: July 15, 2007 * Finalized Papers Due: August 30, 2007 * Publication Date: October 01, 2007
SUBMISSION PROPOSALS Individual or multiple-authors must first submit an abstract-length proposal of approximately 500-750 words to International Journal of Social Sciences (IJSS) Guest Editor, Gulsun Kurubacak, at . Those who have had their abstracts accepted will be formally invited by the Guest Editor to submit a full-length paper of approximately 5000 to 7000 words. For IJSS's submission guidelines, visit:

All full length papers submitted to IJSS will be subject to multiple blind peer review. All blind peer reviews will be shared with the authors. While influenced by the outcome of the blind peer reviews, the Guest Editor, Gulsun Kurubacak reserves the right to decide on final publication.
TOPICS MAY INCLUDE BUT NOT LIMITED: * Virtual Reality as A New Media* Building and Implementing Virtual Reality Strategies in Educational, Medical, etc. Institutions, Corporations and Government * Emerging Hardware and Software for Virtual Reality* Computer Graphics and Real-Time Simulation Technologies for Virtual Reality* Building Interactive and Collaborative Virtual Reality Milieus* Building Knowledge Networks through Virtual Reality* Theoretical Considerations for the Development of Virtual Reality* Media Technology for Virtual Reality* Pedagogy for Virtual Reality* Implementing Virtual Reality* Management of Virtual Reality Processes* Evaluation in Virtual Reality* The Strengths and Limits of Virtual Reality* Informal Learning and Communications Utilizing Virtual Reality * Educational Design for Virtual Reality* Communicational Design for Virtual Reality* Learner Support in Virtual Reality* Learning Objects for Virtual Reality* Multicultural Implications of Virtual Reality* Virtual Reality for Diverse Learners * Establish Virtual Reality Milieus for a Global Community* Building Democratic and Egalitarian Virtual Worlds* Identities in Virtual Reality* Virtual Reality and Culture * Virtual Reality for the Next Generation * Virtual Reality for Mutual Understanding* Quality Insurance in Virtual Reality* Accreditation for Virtual Reality* Case Studies, Qualitative, Qualitative and Mixed Researches in Virtual Reality

For more information contact: Gulsun Kurubacak, Ed.D Assistant Professor in Distance EducationAnadolu University College of Open Education Distance Education DeptEmail:

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