Tuesday, December 12, 2006

TELECOOP Distance Learning Conference to be held April 11 - 13, 2007 - Estes Park,

This year's theme is E-Learning for the Next Generation: Looking Ahead. With that in mind, this year we seek proposals that deal with relativelynew technologies. These technologies include pod-casts, MP3, wikis,blogs, RSS feeds, itunes, web programs such as de.lic.io.us, as well asclasses that use e-reading or digital textbooks are items of interest. We would also like you to share with us how you and your colleagues planon using these and other learning tools in the future. Of course wewelcome proposals using other technologies.

We are looking for concurrent sessions that are 45 minutes long and forhands-on sessions that will be held in our 25 person computer lab thatare one hour and 45 minutes long. New this year is our web-based repository for presentations from theconference. Let us know if we can make your presentation accessible onour website (for a limited time). The last day to submit a presentation proposal is January 22, 2007. Proposals prior to that date are appreciated. This is a friendly, informal conference set in one of the most beautifulsmall towns in Colorado. Estes Park is less than a two hour drive fromDenver and is a wonderful vacation spot.

TELECOOP is the kind ofconference where you can wear a sweater, roll up your sleeves and getcomfortable.When you are considering your presentation remember that TELECOOP willprovide a computer, internet access, data projector, and speakers. If you need additional or different equipment, or are bringing your ownequipment, let us know in the appropriate space provided in the onlineproposal form. Also, remember you MUST bring a back up of yourpresentation in the event of internet access unavailability. (Technologyis great when it works).

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